Beltane 2017


* Memorial Day Weekend 2017, May 26 (4:00pm) – May 29 (1:00pm)
* This event is affiliated with Hidden Flame (Garou) and Tides of Power (Mage).
* This event hosts Werewolf: the Apocalypse and Mage: the Ascension game.
* All characters must be from a current OWbN-affiliated game. New characters can be generated on site, as per HF/ToP House Rules. NPCs will be available for play.
* This is an IMMERSIVE game, meaning the game runs roughly 24/7 for the event.

Camp Cedarcrest

Character sheets / Check in considerations
Sheets and associated items can be sent to , and are due by May 12th.

Check in remains one of the pain points of the event, so we’re going to be doing a few things to try to streamline the process.
Number of sheets: Last year, a significant number of people sent in 3+ character sheets and ended up not playing many of them. Unfortunately, this took up a lot of our prep time to look over those sheets. This year, we’re going to limit people to 2 sheets. If you want to pay $5 per extra sheet you want to register, we’ll allow that, but we need to cut down on the number of “just in case” sheets we get.

Item Cards (Esp. Fetishes, Wonders, etc): We ‘soft’ enforced it last year, but this year we are going to be draconian on this rule. If you want to bring special/magical items in, they need to be sent in, typed (no pictures) along with your character sheet. This includes item cards that have already been stamped or allowed at previous HF games or events, and is especially true of custom items/Fetishes/etc. Mundane and easily obtainable items can just be listed on your character sheet without need for stats – if it’s a standard heavy pistol, dagger, or what have you, not a problem. We will review up to two item cards at check in, but this is really meant to cover the contingency of a character acquiring something new and significant JUST before Beltane, so if you can please still try to get stuff in ahead of time.

Talens (Garou/Fera): If you have the Rite of Binding (or equivalent) as a Garou or Fera, you will be allowed to enter game with a number of talens equal to your Rank + Gnosis. Double this if you’re a Theurge (as the societal expectation is that you make enough to cover the people who don’t have the rite). If you can include an inventory of talens you want on you with your character sheet, we’ll make sure they’re in your packet and you won’t have to hang around the table fiddling with item cards. Note that Spirit Brews are not talens, it’s a separate rite – if you have it on your sheet, you’ll get two brews for the weekend.

Charms (Mage): Your character will generally be allowed to carry a number of Charms equal to their Arete + Willpower. Note that some powerful effects simply may not be turned into charms. Charms are always the base level of success for an effect – charms may not be built with additional grades of success “baked in,” nor may they have significant variables determined at the time of use. Again, please make sure that custom charms (including those translated from tabletop) are included with your sheet.

Hung Time effects (Mage): With Time 4, a mage may have up to their Arete in hung effects, with up to their Arete in grades of success (including the base level of success) per effect. All hung effects will be issued item cards to represent them. If you can, please have any hung effects you want outlined when you submit your sheet.

Site and Arrival
We had a number of people show up at the site before 3pm on Friday last year. Please make sure you do not arrive before then – a previous group may be in the midst of leaving. We do not have the site until 3pm, so take a drive to a coffee shop or something and relax for a bit if you need to. :)

Due to finding more cigarette butts on the ground this past year, we are unfortunately going to have to designate smoking areas. These will likely be the basketball court behind the bathrooms and the permanent canopy over near the bridge to the parking lot, but we will clarify at game as well.
Miscellaneous Stuff
As outlined on pg 205 of Laws of the Wild, at some moots Garou put on Masks of their totems. While we won’t be doing the full Shining One treatment, we will be providing a crafts station if people want to honor their totems with masks at the Beltane rite. If you want to make something ahead of time, go for it! We want to see your skills of an artist!

If you have a numen, spirit companions, or similar things, please be sure their stats are include on your sheet. Otherwise, they will give you the very basic abilities as described by the appropriate background, and nothing else.

Sheets at the door will require a signature/stamp from your game’s ST and contact information so we can get a hold of them if we have questions. Preferably phone, so we’re not all waiting forever for email responses.

Feel free to contact us with any questions!

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