Beltane Info



Date: Friday, May 25 3PM – Monday, May 28 12PM
Location: Camp Cedarcrest, Orange CT (886 Mapledale Rd, Orange, CT 06477)

Cost: $55 Pre-reg (Closes May 11). $70 at the door. If you bring more than 2 characters, each additional character will cost $5.
Payment site:
What is included: Attendance, lodging on site, at least two meals.

Beltane FB Group:
Contact email:


*HORROR THEME: We are going to have a horror-like theme this year. We will be having some dark themes in our scenes. Because of that, we are going to have scene sign-up sheets with a brief description of the sorts of things you might expect in the scene that might be sensitive for some people (suicide, harm to children, etc). We will be sure to have a wide variety of scenes so that no one is locked out of everything, but we absolutely do not under any circumstance want players to be legitimately traumatized by unexpectedly encountering any particular dark theme. While body horror with sexual elements may be present, we will absolutely not be portraying rape or sexual assault.

*TRIBE/GROUP MEETINGS: We will be attempting to post a schedule for these this year.


*SITE ARRIVAL: The site is not open to us until 3PM, and there is often a departing group. Please do not arrive on site early.

*AIR TRAVEL: The most reliable way to travel by air is to fly into either JFK or LaGuardia airports in NY. Both of these have shuttles to Grand Central station. From Grand Central, you can take the Metro North to West Haven, CT. Total cost of the shuttle and train is about $30. If you are doing this, we can arrange to have you picked up at the West Haven station, as it is only a 10 minute drive from site. Similarly, we should be able to drop you off Monday morning and you can get back to the airport for your flight the same way.

If you wish to fly into Bradley (Hartford), Logan (Boston), or TF Green (Providence), it may be possible to get you a ride, but it becomes more difficult as those are much further away and we’d need to have a nearby volunteer with enough room in their car for both people and bags.

*DRIVING: If you drive, please park in the designated parking area, which has its own entrance. If you have heavy items, please talk to a staff member and we will organize turns for people to drive into the main entrance, unload, and return their car. Those with mobility issues can be dropped off immediately via the main entrance. If you have a mobility issue and will be driving alone, please let us know – we have a limited amount of parking space that we can provide near the main cabins, or alternately we may ask you to allow someone else to park your car in the main lot after you have everything you need unloaded.


*CABINS: All cabins have electricity and bunks with fairly comfortable mattresses. You will need to bring your own bed linens/sleeping bag and pillow.

*TENTS: If you prefer to camp in a tent, there will be space available.

*CABIN ASSIGNMENTS: We will be doing cabin signups this year. There are 120 beds available in cabins and there are some people who prefer a hotel, so I don’t THINK we will run out, but we want to be sure. Please keep an eye out for details on this process soon. If you have not seen details by March 1st, please email us at and we will be sure you are informed of the process.

*HOTELS: If you prefer to stay in a hotel, there are a number of reasonably priced hotels within 15 minutes of the game site.

*SHOWERS: The bathrooms on site have showers. The water is warm as long as you don’t go immediately after a line of people have drained the tank.


*PROVIDED MEALS: We’ve found that giving a “dinner hour” when people have to leave site almost inevitably turns into a “Dinner four hours” as people leave at different times, take longer, etc.  Therefore we provide at least two dinners, and we usually are able to provide two lunches as well. We will offer a gluten-free and a vegetarian option at all provided meals. If you have other food allergies that we can accomodate, please let us know and we will do the best we can.

*KITCHEN AND REFRIGERATOR USE: There is a limited amount of refrigerator space available. Priority will be given to group meals, staff, and to those with food allergies that need to bring their own items. The kitchen is available for anyone who wishes to cook outside of the provided meal times (typically, this is people cooking breakfast). The kitchen must be cleaned after use if you use it.


*ALCOHOL: This is a dry event, no alcoholic beverages allowed. Please do not break this rule, as it endangers our site and insurance. Besides, this is an outdoor site with hills to roll down and bridges to fall off and water to drown in. Just don’t. 

*SMOKING: Both as a courtesy to those who have issues with cigarette smoke and as a way to contain cigarette butt mess, we will be designating two or three smoking areas for the site. We ask that all smoking occur there. Smoking is absolutely not allowed indoors in any of the camp facilities.

*FIRE: You may light a fire in any of the firepits, but you must notify us first so that we can let the fire department know.

*CAMP SETTING: As should be obvious, this is an outdoor setting. The play areas we usually use do not have a large amount of detritus or undergrowth, but it is still the woods in CT. For your comfort and safety, we suggest taking measures to protect yourself from ticks and other insects. Insect repellent will be available on site. If you want added safety, you can purchase a permethrin clothing treatment that will last a few washes and will instantly kill ticks and other insects who might crawl onto you. So far, I have yet to hear of anyone going home with a tick from Beltane, let alone having complications from it, but please make yourself aware of the symptoms of Lyme disease and monitor yourself for a few weeks afterward. If caught early, lyme disease can be cured without complications with a simple course of antibiotics. In addition, please be sure to have suitable footwear and clothing for being out in the woods.

*AMPHITHEATRE: The highlight of Beltane is often the moot. The stone amphitheatre we use is a bit of a walk down some dirt trails. If you have mobility issues, we organize walking groups and can lead you on the easier path (it’s sometimes muddy, but not steep).


*SPECIAL PVE RETEST OFFER!: If we receive a sheet in GEX format, that character will be entitled to a free PvE retest over the weekend. If your game does not use Grapevine, you may make/send the sheet yourself and we will double check it against the “official” sheet your game sends. Please, please consider doing this. It saves us a ton of time. As a caution – you can use the GEX export function in Puppet Prince, but it did not properly export Renown or Rites the last time I checked, so you may have to add those manually.

*DEADLINE AND EMAIL: Sheets and associated items can be sent to , and are due by May 11th. Please be sure to include player name on sheets!

*NUMBER OF CHARACTERS: In order to cut down the sheet review time, each player may register 2 characters to attend the event. Additional characters may be registered but will cost an additional $5 per extra character.

*ITEM CARDS: If you want to bring special/magical items in, they must either be on your character sheet with full rules (in the notes or equipment section), or sent in typed (no pictures) along with your character sheet. This includes item cards that have already been stamped or allowed at previous HF games or events, and is especially true of custom items/Fetishes/etc. Mundane and easily obtainable items can just be listed on your character sheet without need for stats – if it’s a standard heavy pistol, dagger, or what have you, not a problem. We will review up to two item cards at check in, but this is really meant to cover the contingency of a character acquiring something new and significant JUST before Beltane, so if you can please still try to get stuff in ahead of time.

*TALENS (GAROU/FERA): If you have the Rite of Binding (or equivalent) as a Garou or Fera, you will be allowed to enter game with a number of talens equal to your Rank + Gnosis. Double this if you’re a Theurge (as the societal expectation is that you make enough to cover the people who don’t have the rite). If you can include an inventory of talens you want on you with your character sheet, we’ll make sure they’re in your packet and you won’t have to hang around the table fiddling with item cards. Note that Spirit Brews are not talens, it’s a separate rite – if you have it on your sheet, you’ll get two brews for the weekend.

*CHARMS (MAGE): Charms (Mage): Your character will generally be allowed to carry a number of Charms equal to their Arete + Willpower. Note that some powerful effects simply may not be turned into charms. Charms are always the base level of success for an effect – charms may not be built with additional grades of success “baked in,” nor may they have significant variables determined at the time of use. Again, please make sure that custom charms (including those translated from tabletop) are included with your sheet.

*HUNG TIME EFFECTS (MAGE): With Time 4, a mage may have up to their Arete in hung effects, with up to their Arete in grades of success (including the base level of success) per effect. All hung effects will be issued item cards to represent them. If you can, please have any hung effects you want outlined when you submit your sheet.